Greentara Foundation

Mission:   Empower and help Dalit Women and Girls to help themselves to fight for their rights.

Vision: creating a society where the Dalit Girls and Women are no longer discriminated, oppressed and can be main stream girls just like everyone, establishing a casteless; violence free society where Dalit women will enjoy equal rights and dignity.

Greentara Organization: Green Tara Foundation was founded in 2007 with help of some friends. Since its inception, it has worked with adolescent girls and women as its prime beneficiaries. we mostly worked in the slums of Pune city. And villages around Pune. We are working for continuation education of unprivileged girls, prevent their child marriages, train them in vocational skills, etc. We worked with women to stop violence on them and to do legal referral work and give them justice. And capacitate them for help themselves.