Disha Case Study

Disha Case Study

Name: Disha Sangram Ghodke

Std: 9th

Community: Yashwant nagar

Father’s name: Sangram Vijay Ghodke

Occupation: Mason

Mother’s name: Anisha sangram Ghodke

Ocuupation: Domestic help

Family members: Disha has four sisters and one brother, mother father, grandfather and grandmother

When I came to Green Tara organization, I was not going anywhere outside the house. I used to be very lonely. I was talking to anyone at school. I use to not get involved in any school program. I was afraid to speak up before.  I felt the girls at school will make fun of me. I used to get food from Dad at home. I dream of completing my education and getting a job. I’ll stand on my own feet. I will then encourage all my sisters to complete their education. It is said that the girls should be educated much, but I do not approve of it in the community. I realized this after coming to Green Tara Institute. At a meeting of the Green Tara Institute, in training, I learned about various topics. For example how to be a leader and understanding what qualities a leader should have, Fearlessness, which means not to fear when you are speaking up about your opinion, to listen to what others have to say, increasing confidence and attending various programs in the school- for example, participating in street plays, participated in cultural events, reading lessons aloud in class, drawing competitions, inter- school competitions, etc. Due to all this, I become more and more well-known amongst my teachers and peers in school.

At a Green Tara organization meeting, I understood about different rights. I understood the right to education. I   shared this to my parents at home. Since I have four sisters and my mom has to go to work, I am responsible for my sisters. I also help my mom with the house chores. I was afraid that because my sisters are very young, my education would stop to take care of them but my parents helped me to finish my education. They told me that I send my sisters to school on time and help them with the studies.

After coming to the Green Tara foundation , I understood about child marriage and the bad effects of child marriage. I participated in the street play about it and shared this information with people living in our locality. Girls in our group now understand difficulties related to getting education. If there is any girl in the community who is not going to the school, a discussion takes place in our group about it and we reach out to that girl and get to know what are the challenges she is facing because of which she is not going to school. We collect this information and inform Green Tara foundation.

I can go alone if I want to go out now. I keep involving myself in a school plays, culture programs. I will finish my education and be self-sufficient and encourage my sisters to complete their education. I give information I receive to schoolmates. If they have some academic difficulty I tell the teachers in the school. I hope I keep getting such valuable information from Green Tara foundation.