Rutuja Case study

Rutuja Case study

Rutuja Sanjay Pawar  Std: 8th

Community:  Burmacell vishrantwadi

Age: 13 yrs

Fathers name: Sanjay Shankar Pawar

Occupation: Helper   work

Mother: Meena Sanjay Pawar

Education: 7th

Fathers Job: Domestic help

Total members in the family: four

Green Tara foundation started classes in our community. Green tara’s staff  use to come for do visits in houses every day I was refusing to come to class  I did not come to class at the beginning, Nirmala from GTF  explained to my mother about classes and its benefits. Then I started going to class. Before, I was very inward . Not talking to anyone much.  In the past I could not fight against the wrong. I would think if I miss something the girls would laugh at me. My mother only took education till the seventh grade. And my father is illiterate. So they are unable to understand important of girls  education they giving me many responsibilities of house and also look after my sister and house hold work  like washing utensils washing cloths

My mother works as domestic helper , and my father does welding helper  work. The atmosphere in our community is not very good. People are getting drunk in the streets. There are also those who are gambling on the street. Hence, people don’t send girls out of the house much. But with Tai, I used to go to class.

In our classes, Green Tara told us about our rights And Many different activities increased my confidence. I started talking, standing in front of the girls. My fears disappeared. I started understanding how to be a leader. I learned how to resist bad things.  I learned good things. I learned that girls also have rights as boys do. Now, I can even talk about my rights at my home.

Study classes are conducted through the Green Tara foundation Because of that, my study progressed. If there are any girls in the area whose education is stopped, then I will try to tell community organiser   at Green Tara she can get help to complete her education. I understand how to protect myself now. When a boy in the school was doing eve teasing, I immediately told the teacher and informed the incident at home also. Fear did not remain in my mind. With confidence in me now I can speak without fear.

I want to be an IPS Officer in the future. I want to be in the same locality and make changes. I want to emphasize the importance of education to all. After learning in class I told my mom when I will get married and have my own family   that time I will not discriminate boy and the girl and practice of giving   equal rights to both . I also fight for   my rights at home and told my mother whatever you give to my brother I also want   that . Since then, my mom gives us both things equally.

This change in me, this confidence, getting the stage daring, it is all due attending classes of the Green Tara foundation . I thank Green Tara foundation   very much.